Retractable door seal, Schall-EX L-15/30 WS, Athmer

Length: 1083 mm, single-side release

Art. no. 950.05.554

  • Application and function, automatic door seals
  • Area of application

    • Protection against cold, draught and vermin
    • Reduces light leakage
    • soundproofing
    • smoke control
    • Fire resistance
    • Safes energy of air conditioning systems (see following example)

    Example calculation of energy savings:

    Door width 960 mm,

    pressure difference between indoor and outdoor 10 Pa,

    room temperature 25°C and relative humidity of 90 %,

    outdoor temperature 35°C and relative humidity of 70 %,

    floor gap 7 mm

    Without seal: leakage rate approx. 41 m3/h

    With seal: leakage rate under 2 m3/h

    The area of application in which the door is used is mainly governed by the sealing profile material (PVC or silicone). High quality, self-extinguishing silicone seals are used for fire resistant and smoke control doors.


    Retractable door seals are available with single-side or double-side release mechanism. Seals with single-side release (with double doors) are released on the hinge side or on the lock side, depending on the model. Double-side release always means release at the hinge side and at the lock end. With double-side release seals, the sealing profile is raised and lowered faster, which prolongs its life time considerably.


    The sealing profile is pressed automatically against the floor or engages with a threshold as the door is closed.

    Automatic door seals can be distinguished between retractable door seals and sill seals.

    Sill seals are always used in combination with a threshold, it is, however, recommended to use retractable door seals also in combination with a threshold in case of carpet fitted floors or butt joints with different floor coverings.

  • Installation types, automatic door seals
  • Installation types

    Automatic door seals can be fitted in different ways depending on the model and application.

    Full mortice fitted, With mounting bracket

    Full mortice fitted and face fixed


    screwed on

    Plug-fitted and/or glue fixed (glass)

    screwed underneath


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    Length: 1083 mm, single-side release

    Art. no. 950.05.554

    Art. no. 950.05.554

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    Retractable door seal, Schall-EX L-15/30 WS, Athmer

    Length: 1083 mm, single-side release

    Article details
    • Adapts perfectly to any floor condition due to 3-spring mechanism
    • No offset of internal rail


    1083 mm

    Area of application

    For soundproofing doors (DIN 4109), for smoke control doors in compliance with EN 1634-3, for fire resistant doors in compliance with EN 1634-1


    Carrier: Aluminium
    sealing profile: Silicone, self-extinguishing


    Carrier: Bright
    sealing profile: Grey


    Single-side release (hinge side)

    Sound proofing value

    52 dB with 7 mm floor gap, 51 dB with 15 mm floor gap

    Sealing height

    ≤20 mm


    For full mortice fitting with fixing brackets (also fixed lengths)
    lengths from 708 mm can be shortened by ≤125 mm (also fixed lengths)

    Installation dim.

    Groove: 15 x 30


    for DIN left and DIN right hand use
    Product Features

    Supplied with

    1 retractable door seal

    Order reference

    Fixed lengths available on request.

    Preparation available on request:

    • For shoot bolt (Ø 8 mm), please specify dim. A
    • For Athmer TK-15/BXL edge bolt.

    Edge bolt solution

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