Macro key card, door open alarm, Dialock

Art. no. 917.42.137

  • Overview of advantages and usage areas
  • Programming

    You have decided to install a furniture lock.

    Now you can define the procedure that is used to program the electronics, and decide which key (user key) will be given authorisation to open the lock.

    You have the choice between two programming methods:

    • Key card programming for small projects (Stand Alone SA)
    • Software programming for large projects and extensive functionality (SW)

    Overview of advantages and usage areas:

    Stand-alone mode SA

    Software SW

    Key card programming is ideal for furniture containing up to about 20 locks and 20 keys. The advantages thereof are low administrative cost and ease of use.

    The authorisation for the locks is assigned to an electronic key (user key) using a programming key card.

    If the authorisation is to be withdrawn, it is deleted using a clearing key card and the relevant electronic key (user key) that is to be cleared.

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    The Häfele employee or project area specialist who is responsible for you will assist you with the planning.

    The authorisations are managed on a PC using special software. An encoding station connected to the PC then transmits the data to the MDU 100 mobile data unit, which transfers the data to the furniture terminal via infrared or cable.

    The electronic keys (user keys) are programmed on the encoding station.

    The advantage of the software is the visual display and management of the authorisations on the PC and extended functionality such as group definitions, series programming, setting the date and time, incorporation of external software, etc.


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    Art. no. 917.42.137

    Art. no. 917.42.137

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    Macro key card, door open alarm, Dialock

    Article details


    Macro card, door open alarm with EFL 3 / EFL 3C furniture lock


    Tag-it™ ISO


    The door open alarm is triggered after 20 seconds if the door has not been locked
    exception: The door open alarm is being deactivated with a privileged key (alarm off key)

    Area of application

    EFL1C macro key card Can only be used in combination with EFL 1C furniture lock with feedback contact (237.56.030, 237.56.032, 237.56.034), FT 120 (237.58.111) and CC 140 distributor (823.28.780), the cables of the feedback contacts must be connected directly to the connecting strip of the FT 120
    EFL3/EFL3C macro key card Can only be used in combination with EFL3/EFL3C furniture lock with additional feedback contact (237.56.304/305), FT 120 (237.58.111) and MLA 6 multi-lock adapter (910.51.088), macro for MLA 8 multi-lock adapter available on request




    54 × 85 mm (credit card size)
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