Häfele Loox Multi switch box, with cross circuit

Plastic, black

Art. no. 833.89.066



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Häfele Loox Multi switch box, with cross circuit

Plastic, black

  • Loox5 connection diagram (combination with Loox possible)

    see key

    ⓐ Switch

    ⓑ Multi switch box

    ⓒ Distributor with switching function/driver

    1 driver can be operated with up to 3 switches and switched on and off from different spots in the room.

  • Operating modes

    see key

    (1) Cross circuit

    (2) Deactivated cross circuit

  • Loox5 connection diagram: Combination of multi switch box and multi driver box

    see key

    ⓐ Switch

    ⓑ Multi switch box

    ⓒ Power supply unit

    ⓓ Multi driver box

    Not compatible with Loox dimmer switch

Article details
  • 1 LED driver/distributor with switching function operated by up to 3 switches.
  • Allows the LED driver or distributor with switching function to be switched on and off from different positions.


2 operating modes can be selected using an integrated toggle switch. Cross circuit: On/off switching at different switches. Deactivated cross circuit: Switching on with switch 1, 2 or 3; operate switch again for switching off all switches that were switched on.






Control inputs: 1 x socket, Loox switches, Control outputs: 3 x socket, Loox switches
operation mode: with cross circuit, Deactivated cross circuit

Dim. (L x W x H)

55 x 45 x 16 mm

Drill hole Ø

Plug: 12 mm

Degree of protection


Cable length

1000 mm
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Product Features

Supplied with

1 multi switch box with 1 m lead for switch

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