Fitting Set, for Door Straightening System, Planofit

Black finish

Art. no. 407.90.209

  • Planofit
    • für die Verwendung vertikal und/oder horizontal
    • ab Türdicke 16 mm


    verhindert das Verziehen von Türflügeln oder richtet verzogene Türflügel aus


    max. 2400 mm oder 2650 mm


    min. 16 mm


    Gewindestange: Stahl

    Topf: Zinkdruckguss

    Abdeckschiene, Abdeckkappen und Halteplatte: Kunststoff


    Gewindestange: blank, Topf: blank, Abdeckschiene, Abdeckkappen und Halteplatte: schwarz oder weiß


    auch nachträglich bei verzogenen Türflügeln möglich, 2 Ausrichtbeschläge pro Türflügel empfohlen


    ⓐ Sicherungsscheibe

    ⓑ Sechskantmutter

    ⓒ Gewindestange

    ⓓ Abdeckschiene

    ⓔ Topf oben

    ⓕ Halteplatte

    ⓖ Topf unten

    ⓗ Vierkantmutter


    Nichtgeeignetfür Hartholz!


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    Black finish

    Art. no. 407.90.209

    Art. no. 407.90.209

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    Fitting Set, for Door Straightening System, Planofit

    Black finish

    Article details
    • Planofit adds rigidity to wooden sliding and hinged doors from 16 mm thick and prevents warping in either direction
    • Ideal for large, heavy doors
    • Can also be used to straight doors that have warped over a period of time
    • Normally two straightening fittings are recommended per door panel
    • 1. The threaded rod is inserted into the trim strip and 2 x U-washers and a hexagonal nut is attached to both sides of it
    • 2. The pre-mounted rod is then inserted into the groove
    • 3. The tensioners are inserted into the boss drilling job and fixed with screws
    • 4. Screw fix the retaining plates
    • 5. The door can now be aligned using the tensioners with an open ended SW10 wrench
    • 6. Position the cover caps on the tensioners


    Black cover caps


    Clip fixing

    Door thickness

    Min. 16 mm


    Zinc alloy
    Product Features

    Supplied with

    Set consists of 2 x tensioners, 1 x hexagonal nut, 2 x securing washers, 1 x square nut, 2 x cover caps for tensioners, 4 x retaining plates

    Order reference

    Threaded rod and trim strip set to be ordered separately

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