Drilling jig set, Häfele Red Jig Basic set

Universal drilling jig

Art. no. 001.25.890

  • Häfele Red Jig Application example
  • Häfele Red Jig Drilling jig


    Basic set

    Supplementary to Minifix 12

    Supplementary to Minifix 15

    Supplementary to Rafix 20

    Supplementary to Tab 18

    Supplementary to Maxifix

    Supplementary to

    concealed hinge 45/9.5

    concealed hinge 48/6

    concealed hinge 52/5.5


    Application of concealed hinge

    Drilling pattern for concealed hinge

    Drilling on flat surface


    Application of Häfele Minifix cabinet and shelf connector

    Häfele Minifix drilling pattern

    Front edge drill hole

    Drilling on flat surface



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    Drilling jig set, Häfele Red Jig Basic set

    Universal drilling jig

    Article details

    • Drilling jig for furniture connectors and popular furniture fittings from Häfele
    • Exact, dimensionally accurate drilling with the new depth gauge system
    • Interchangeable drill guides allow quick change of the drilling pattern
    • Adjusted to intervals of 32
    • Suitable for series drilled holes
    • Front edge drill holes for panel thickness of 12–60 mm

    With lasered measuring scale for aligning the insert plates
    Product Features

    Supplied with

    1 basic jig


    1 drill guide for hole system 5 mm


    1 depth gauge 15 for drill bit Ø 3, 5, 8, 10 mm


       with depth gauge, stop ring, spiral spring

       with twist drill bit for wood, HM Ø 5 mm


    1 marking pin 3/5 mm


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