Drawer front adjuster, 2-piece

plastic, white

Art. no. 039.60.709



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Drawer front adjuster, 2-piece

plastic, white


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Article details



Area of application

For 2-dimensional drawer front adjustment



Installation reference

Insert sleeve in drawer front panel in Ø 15 mm drill hole.
Align oval recess horizontally with top edge of drawer.
Align off-centre drill hole in sleeve base to the left or right.
Insert eccentric adjusting component into sleeve (arrow pointing outwards).
Screw on the drawer panel.

Supplied with

1 recessed sleeve
1 adjusting component

Additional information attributes

Front panel adjustment
Slacken screws when adjusting.
Adjust panel from installation start position by rotating the adjusting element (horizontal ±2 mm, vertical ±2 mm)

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