Adhesive insert, Aerofix 100

For drill hole Ø 10 mm

  • Aerofix 100 Adhesive Insert
  • Aerofix 100 Adhesive insert

    • Technology

    Häfele developed the Aerofix 100 adhesive insert as a variably adjustable screw-on point for lightweight panels with a top layer of 4 mm, also known as an adhesive dowel. The insert makes it possible to absorb high pressure, pull and shearing forces.

    In order to absorb the forces the Aerofix 100 bypasses the core mechanically and chemically and therefore connects the two 4 mm top layers, achieving considerably better pull-out resistance than sleeves that are fitted at one side. Possible thickness differences in lightweight panels are easily compensated for.

    The housing engages mechanically into the upper top layer providing a secure connection, and lies flat against the lower top layer. Therefore the mounting lugs must engage beneath the top layer.

    An extremely expansive single component PUR adhesive is metered by storing it in the housing in an integrated adhesive cartridge. When the insert is pushed into the drill hole, the inner element is pushed into the housing and the adhesive is forced out of the cartridge. Therefore the chemical process is triggered, without having to use additional tools to apply the adhesive. Fully cured within 16 hours.


    ⓐ Adhesive cartridge

    ⓑ Housing

    ⓒ Inner part

    • Pull-out strengths

    Lightweight panel with 4 mm thin chipboard top layer

    Application with Rafix HC


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    Adhesive insert, Aerofix 100

    For drill hole Ø 10 mm

    • Drilling depth D = panel thickness – top layer thickness



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    Adhesive insert, Aerofix 100

    For drill hole Ø 10 mm – for panel thickness: 32 mm

    Art. no. 039.70.324

    Adhesive insert, Aerofix 100

    For drill hole Ø 10 mm – for panel thickness: 50 mm

    Art. no. 039.70.504
    Product details

    Area of application

    For use as variably positioned fixing point
    for lightweight panels without frame with top layer of 4 mm and expansion capability for adhesive and lips in the core


    extremely expansive single-component PUR adhesive

    For drill hole Ø

    10 mm
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