Free flap 1.7 E Model C anthracite

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Free flap 1.7 E Model C anthracite

  • Cover cap white

Article details


Fitting: Steel
cover cap: Plastic
drive housing: Zinc alloy


Fitting: Nickel plated, Anthracite cover caps

For cabinet height

200–450 mm

For flap width

≤1,200 mm (>1,200 mm = 2 sets)

Opening angle

107° (can be limited to 90° by means of optional opening angle restraint)

Adjustment facility

Front panel: Height/side/tilting angle ±1.5 mm

Input voltage

100–240 V AC/50–60 Hz/1.3 A

Nominal voltage

24 V DC/3.75 A

Output voltage

For interior cabinet lighting: 24 V DC/1.2 A

Stand-by power consumption

1 W
Radio frequency: 2.4 GHz
Protection class: II
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Product Features

Supplied with

Each set

1 stay flap fitting with e-drive (left)

1 stay flap fitting, mechanical (right)

1 cover cap for drive end (left)

1 cover cap for standard fitting (right)

2 screw-on brackets for wooden flaps or flaps with aluminium frame, from frame width 45 mm

1 power supply unit

1 connection cable with flat EU plug

1 lead (power supply unit to drive unit)

2 push button senders

1 set of installation instructions

1 set of operating instructions

1 paper drilling template for side panel drilling pattern

1 plastic drilling jig for push button sender

Order reference

We recommend to use the stronger fitting model when in doubt.

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