5 things to do to safeguard your kitchen in rainy season

Photo credit: belgianpearls.be

Continuous rains this season increasing moisture and thus posing risks to your home interior. This is especially a worrying problem for the kitchen which is directly linked to the health of your family.

However, with the following tips from Häfele, you will be able to effectively protect your kitchen from possible damages during the rainy season.

1. Keep it airy to curb the increase of moisture and thus the growth of bacteria. One of the best ventilation methods recommended by many experts is using fans and keeping your door and windows in the kitchen open.

2. Keep it dry by swiping off any spill on surfaces such as countertops and floor, and clean them with disinfectants once a day.

3. Get rid of the damp odor by placing moisture-absorbing perfumed bath salts at the bottom of your cabinets.

4. Avoid renovations for the time being since high humidity can affect the quality of painting and polishing.

5. Since high moisture can also affect food preserved in the kitchen like sugar and salt, you need to keep them in airtight glass containers and add a layer of rice at the bottom of absorb moisture. Meanwhile, wrapping your veggies in newspapers before putting them into Ziplock bags can help keep your veggies fresh for a long time.