Granite vs. Quartz countertops - 3 things you need to know

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Since they first appeared a few decades ago, granite countertops have always been the top choice of many people. Made from 100% natural stone, granite countertops are not only highly durable, but are considered as a symbol of luxury.

However, in recent years, quartz countertops which consist of 93-97% natural stone and polymer resins the rest have been gaining popularity. In fact, a recent survey by popular home and interior design forum Houzz showed that 41% of interviewed people in the US chose granite for updating their countertops and 40% opted for quartz.

In face of that division, what is your option? You may want to check out the following tips before making your choice.

1. Cost

Cost should always be one of the top factors you need to take into consideration, since the bigger your countertop is, the more it costs. Granite’s prices now can start at $542-650/m 2 and quartz $728-1,032/m 2.

2. Durability

Despite being known for its high durability, a granite countertop still has risks of being chipped when exposed to abuses. Not to mention that it is porous and thus easily absorbing liquids through minute holes, which will in turn affect the quality of countertop. In case liquids like red wine and coffee are spilled, the countertop can be stained.

On the other hand, quartz countertops are not only as durable, but resistant to stains and water thanks to their smooth surface. However, they can be discolored, if being long exposed to sunlight.

3. Maintenance

Compared to quartz countertops, those made from granite demand high maintenance, since they demand sealing every 2-5 years and caution in choosing detergents as some can stain the porous surface.

Therefore, quartz countertops are best for homeowners who look for ease and convenience in use.