Smarter Solution for Your Home with Häfele Fingerprint Digital Door Lock

Fingerprint is a measurable biological used for identification of an individual and not able to be scanned or copied. Therefore, fingerprint digital door locks use high-tech fingerprint recognition technology that is the best way to access in and out of the building without worrying misplaced, stolen, or lost keys/password

The Häfele digital door lock EL- 9000 TCS is a perfect choice enhanced with outstanding security features as followings

  • User-friendly: Modern design and variety of access methods (Card, mechanical override key, password)
  • High technology: Touch screen allows you to operate the device more smoothly and comfortably
  • Safety: The capability of fingerprint could up to 100 pcs with intrusion warning and hacking prevention system
  • Easy installation: Quick and easy installation with a change direction handle

With those advantages, owning a digital door lock has been the preferred choice for your home to ensure most secured access.

For more information please see the image below or click here to open the flyer

Häfele Fingerprint Digital Door Lock