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Can I put items directly into the basket?

If you already know the catalogue number, you can place the desired item quickly and directly into the basket using direct entry –  without needing to open the product selection page. The button is at the top in the navigation menu next to the search function. Simply enter the item number, the quantity and the commission. The items are added to the basket using the final click “Add”.

Alternatively, you can also create an Offline order file and upload this into the basket. If orders are made offline with industry software and saved as haefbest.dat then you can also  import haefbest.dat into your basket.

How do I create an offline order file and upload it into the basket?

If necessary, you can fill your online basket directly using an offline order file whereby by importing the file after you have filled it in. Bothersome additional work is no longer necessary with this convenient and time-saving method.

This function could also be useful if you wanted to create your order using a separate program. If you have the option of exporting an order file in this program, this can be imported again into our basket.


Creating an Excel template for the offline order file:

First, log in to our homepage using your registration data.

Place at least one article in the basket.

Go to the basket and click on “Export”. This function is located at the bottom of the page.

You can then open the exported file in Excel. At this point, the table must be re-saved as  XLS (1997 - 2003) or XLSX (2007).

The Excel file can then be used  as a template for all future orders, and may be correspondingly edited.

All future changes to the file will then be automatically saved in Excel format.

Alongside  your chosen products , this order file also allows you to transfer the "header data” – such as the  order reference, delivery options and  delivery address for your order.

Preview Excel order file


Importing an offline order file:

First, log in to our homepage using your registration data.

Then click on the “Basket” tab. This is where the “Offline order file” section is located.

Select your Excel file and simply import the contents into the basket.

If orders are made offline with sector software and saved as haefbest.dat then you can also import the haefbest.dat into your Basket.

If you have problems when creating or importing your file or have any other questions, please contact our IT support.

Where can I find my cancelled basket?

Your cancelled basket remains saved for 90 days and you can retrieve the last version on the basket page at any time. In order to permanently save the basket, you can save the items as a memo. For future orders, you can refer to the respective memo, add the items to your basket again and order quickly.

After ordering

Can I subsequently change my order?

Please ask your Häfele contact partner about the quickest possible options. As long as “Open” status is being displayed, modification is still possible. If this status is no longer shown, your order has already been processed.

Where can I see the status of my order/orders?

The status of your order(s) can be seen under “My account” >”My Orders”.

The information about the status can be found in the indicated table. You can also search for the different statuses using the filter selection facility that is displayed at the top.

Where can I see my previous orders?

An overview of your previous and current orders can be found in your user account under “My orders”. Furthermore, invoices and delivery slips can also be downloaded.

Where can I find an overview of my most recently ordered items?

An overview of your most recently ordered items can be found in your user account under “My Orders” > “My Top Products”. The sorting takes place in descending order according to the items which were listed most frequently in your orders in the last 6 months .

Wish list

Can I reserve products that I'm interested in?

The wish list function exists because it is highly likely that there are certain items that you require time and time again, such as Minifix connectors, bolts or screws. The wish list helps you with your work and helps you to peed up the order process.

To do this, save the contents of the basket as a wish list. You can have any number of wish lists. Using the “Wish list” function under “My account”, you receive the individual lists with the respective items listed and can place them into your basket at any point in time.

In order to remove a wish list, click on the delete icon.

Items can also be directly added to an existing or new wish list on the product detail page.

Our expert tip:
The wish list is not just advantageous with standard items such as Minifix bolts or screws. You can also create your own lists for a certain type of furniture or a certain customer .


What are the shipping costs?

The shipping costs are dependent on the weight of the delivery and the type of shipping. Our standard shipping conditions can be found in your user account under ”My profile”.


If your questions are not answered, you will find more information in our quick start area under the heading "Order".

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